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Balconies, terraces and walkways like all other parts of a property, they require maintenance. Most of these balconies, terraces and walkways consist of concrete elements where the lack of an effective waterproof membrane will allow, water to penetrate and cause deterioration.

In order to waterproof a balcony or a terrace, first of all it’s necessary to evaluate the existing conditions of the area to be treated because, depending on the state of conservation of the balcony or terrace on which you want to intervene, there are different solutions and different steps to follow, more or less invasive to restore or to do a new waterproofing system.

The first thing to evaluate is the state of the existing flooring, that is the visible layer, which is also the easiest to investigate regarding its state of conservation. This evaluation can be carried out, for example, by checking if the volumes of the joints are consistent or missing, because in most cases it’s from the joints that the water starts to infiltrate and therefore the waterproofing effect of the finish is missing.

Consequently, the water will begin to deteriorate the whole pack, with serious damage to the elements. In parallel, it’s possible to check the status of the elements of the flooring, in fact, even if these are for outdoor and therefore waterproofing, any cracks or breakages of the same provide access to water creating infiltration points.

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